Dissociation's Angel
by Jack Babalon

Jack Babalon thought he had escaped his past. The Jackal Headed Man knew better. Arrested at a Louisiana police station, Jack must weigh his failures and triumphs against the Feather of Truth. Should they fail to find balance, he will face the eternal wrath of a mysterious higher power. In this tale of ghosts and punks, sailors and gods, addicts and magicians, Jack's journey takes the reader from a haunted childhood, to the mosh pits of Suburbia, to the absurdities of Operation Desert Storm. This is a tale equal parts confession and fantasy that soars on the wings of Dissociation's Angel.

If you enjoyed the magical realism of Haruki Murakami's works you'll love Dissociation's Angel. Buy this #1 New Release before the price changes!

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